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Looking to test or recharge car batteries in Leeds? Look no further than Town Hall Batteries. Get in touch with us for a FREE quote. 

Car battery services

New car batteries

Here at Town Hall Batteries, we are one of West Yorkshire's leading car battery suppliers. We supply all of the leading brands including Exide, Bosch, Varta, Lucas, Yuasa, Numax, Platinum and more.

Battery testing

In most cases batteries can be tested either on or off the vehicle, using the relevant testing equipment.

Free fitting

A free battery fitting service is available for the majority of vehicles.

Battery recharging

Over the years we have saved hundreds of customers the expense of having to buy a new battery by having the experience to know the fundamental difference between a discharged and faulty battery. Often for a small fee we can loan the customer a battery whilst we recharge and check out their battery. This coupled with asking the relevant questions means that in most cases we are able to pinpoint the actual problem and advise the customer accordingly.

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Providing batteries for:

  • Cars and light commercials
  • HGV’s
  • Agricultural vehicles
  • Plant and industrial
  • Motorcycles
  • Scooters
  • Wheelchairs
  • Mobility applications
  • All terrain, quads and utility vehicles
  • Alarm systems
  • Golf trolley applications
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For new car batteries in West Yorkshire, get in touch with Town Hall Batteries, Leeds on 
0113 263 1616
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